Florance Eurotop Mattress

$999.00 $9.22 /week*

This super comfortable mattress is made to give you deep and calm sleep during every single season night by night.

For your quality sleep, Florance range gives you the best choice.


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  • A Plush Top Polyester Wool Blend over a Reinforced Zoned Pocket Spring.
  • It include a layer of Cushion Air Foam right on top panel of the mattress so the sleeper experiences superior contouring to the body, airflow throughout the mattress and above average pressure relief to help eliminate painful pressure points.
  • Cushion enhances pressure relief while boosting durability.
  • It is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin people, kids and even toddlers.
  • The core is made of biodegradable materials without glues, colors or other harmful chemicals.

Measurements :

Queen – L2030 W1530 T300mm

*Price displayed is for Queen Size


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