Kyro Bonnell Mattress with Base – Medium


The Kyro Bonnell Mattress by SleepTime offers both affordability and durability, featuring a robust spring system for consistent support and firmness. Ideal for those seeking a budget-friendly yet reliable option, it promotes spinal alignment and comfortable sleep, fitting well in various room settings like master bedrooms, guest rooms, or children’s rooms.

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Experience both comfort and cost-effectiveness with the Kyro Bonnell Mattress, a product offered by SleepTime.

Whether you’re outfitting your own bedroom, a guest space, or a child’s room, this mattress delivers a balance of quality and affordability. Its durable spring system ensures consistent support and a firm surface, catering to those who prioritize spinal alignment and pressure relief during sleep. The Kyro Bonnell’s design allows for unrestricted movement, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep.

The Kyro Bonnell Mattress from SleepTime offers a budget-friendly solution without compromising on quality. Its sturdy construction, supported by a durable spring system, ensures long-term comfort and support. Perfect for those who prefer a firm sleeping surface that aids proper posture and spinal alignment, this mattress allows for easy movement and is suitable for various room types, including master bedrooms, guest rooms, and children’s rooms.

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